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We are keen to assist with your order queries and encourage you to contact the Text Buying department on 02 9852 5075, or by email.

The University Store Textbook Order Form for Western Sydney University

Our Buying department liaises with Unit Co-ordinators and academic staff to ensure that sufficient copies of required textbooks and readers are ordered for students to purchase at the start of each semester.

In order to facilitate the smooth running of the ordering process we ask Unit Co-ordinators and academic staff to fill in an Academic Textbook and Reader Form.

Placing textbook orders

The Academic Textbook and Reader Form details requested will include;

For Textbooks

  • Unit/Course information
  • Textbook details (author/title/edition/publisher/ISBN)
  • Expected enrolment numbers and quantity of books required
  • Which campuses will require the books
  • Your contact details

For Readers

  • Unit/Course information
  • Reader details
  • Expected enrolment numbers
  • Which campuses will require the books
  • Availability of reader original
  • Required format
  • Your contact details

Please provide your contact details so that our Text Buying group can contact you with any queries or order updates.

Textbook order information


Textbook Type Prescribed

When a textbook is selected as prescribed The University Store staff assume this text will be promoted by the lecturer and is essential for students to complete the subject.

Textbook Type Recommended

Recommended textbooks are not considered essential for students to purchase, but they are deemed to be a useful resource. Students will often not purchase these titles immediately, rather waiting to see if the lecturer recommends them highly in their class. For this reason, The University Store will usually stock smaller quantities of “recommended” titles than prescribed ones.


Based on the information provided on the Textbook Adoptions list that you submit to us, our Textbook Buyer will place orders with the appropriate publishers.

Extenuating Circumstances

If there are any extenuating circumstances concerning your prescribed textbooks (e.g. it is going to be used for an open book exam), please indicate this in the comments field when you are placing your order.

Reader Order Information


If you wish to place an order for the printing and sale of a reader by The University Store please select the Academic Textbook and Reader Form. This will take you to a page that steps you through the process that provides for the placing of a reader order including the opportunity to specify the required format.


A standard cover format will be used unless there is a specific demand for an alternative format. Click here to view the format. A consistent colour will be employed for each School unless there is a requirement for an alternate colour.

Special Requirements

Any special requirements including cover format and colour can be requested using the comments field. A member of the Text Buying department will contact you to discuss your needs.

Contact information

If you have any problems or questions regarding textbook orders, please contact the Text Buying department on 02 9852 5075, or by email.